Map Key: Crater Ridge Mines Main Entrance

Cliff: Arrows point uphill. Cannot walk up. DC 15 Climb check to scale.
Dense Rubble: Costs 2 squares of movement to enter. Balance and Tumble DC +5. Move Silently DC +2.
Scree: Balance and Tumble DC +2 on gradual slope, +5 on steep slope. Move Silently DC +2 on any slope.
Gradual Slope: Arrow points uphill. Melee +1 to attack creatures downhill.
Steep Slope: Arrows point uphill. Moving to square uphill costs 2 squares. DC 10 Balance or Ride to run or charge downhill (made at first slope square). Failure causes a stop 1d2x5 feet later. Failure by 5 or more causes character to fall prone in ending square. Tumble DC +2.
Light Undergrowth: 2 Squares of movement to enter. Provides Concealment. Tumble and Move Silently DC +2
Path with Wheel Ruts